9 Better Ways to Spend Your Money Rather Than Buying Cigarettes

After working hard and sometimes sleeping late just to make ends meet, many folks find it difficult to spend their money reasonably. Instead, they run into debts by spending foolishly on drinks, cigarettes, and other irrelevant desires. In this article, we will detail better ways on how you can spend your hard-earned money.


Spending your hard earned money on experiences will create exciting memories that will last a lifetime that you will cherish for years to come.  Experiences provide more joy and contentment in your life while material items have an expiry date. All the money you will save from buying expensive cigarettes can fund memorable experiences and provide you with passion and purpose.

Healthy Foods and Drinks

Instead of squandering your cash on cigarettes, why not go for healthy foods and drinks (yogurt and almond milk) that will nourish your body other than destroy it.

Hiring a Cleaner

Who doesn’t hate cleaning?  Imagine not having to do house work for a year? That’s exactly what you can afford when you quit cigarettes.  You can find a cleaner and have them routinely clean your house weekly for less than what it costs for a week’s supply of cigarettes.

A Good Laptop/Computer

Buying a good computer is a very good investment. Depending on your business, this is where you will spend most of your time on. If properly taken care of, this useful tool can retain its value for a long time.

Technological innovations in different operating systems have increased the value and necessity of smartphones. This has made smartphones a better way to spend your money rather than buying cigarettes.

Walk into different stores or simply shop online for gift items for your kids, friends, family, colleagues and loved ones. This is a wonderful way to show love to them.


No man is an island! Reading books enlighten your mind and commit your heart to doing the things you’ve learned. There is no endpoint to learning, get yourself any book that suits your lifestyle and learn new ideas from it.


A pet e.g. a cat or a dog is man’s best companion. It is a good investment that will teach you more about responsibility. A security dog can even ensure your safety when needed.


If you don’t know what to spend your money on, find a good financial planner that offers sound advice will be the best thing to do.  You can save it in the bank, invest it towards a new business venture, stocks or yourself.  Make your money work harder for you and work towards a passive income.

There are many ways you can better spend your money on other than cigarettes to help create a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.  Take the next step and find support to help you quit for good.

Help and Support

The right help and support is the key towards being able to quit smoking. There are quit smoking support groups that offer advice and services to help you achieve a smoke free lifestyle.

Quitline 13 78 48

Quit Coach (http://www.quitcoach.org.au/)